Other shells I collect - Nerites - Altre conchiglie che colleziono - Nerite

Sopra: Primo cassetto del Neritarium / Above: First drawer of the Neritarium

Sopra: Nerita polita / Above: Nerita polita

Sopra: Neritodryas dubia / Above: Neritodryas dubia

Sopra: Altre Nerite / Above: Other Nerites

Sopra: Clithon oualaniense (Lesson, 1831) / Above: Clithon oualaniense (Lesson, 1831)

As friend Dave Rolfe helpfully pointed out, there is a couple of other species in with the oulaniensis, could be Clithon squarrosum (Récluz, 1843). Second and bottom rows, fourth from left, left hand shells.