My Microscopes

Some of the technical sheets created by the late Dr. Pietro Sini (ITALIAN TEXT ONLY!) were based on material that I provided.
At the following link the document containing the mentioned sheets.

Alcune delle schede tecniche create dal compianto Dr. Pietro Sini sono state basate su materiale da me fornito.
Al seguente link il documento contenente le schede citate.

  • Scheda 156 - Tubo binoculare WILD M5
  • Scheda 157 - Obbiettivo acromatico Lomo HI 90/1,25
  • Scheda 158 - Tubo monoculare a gomito Lomo

Koristka Monocular Biological Microscope

Lomo Biolam 70 Monocular Biological Microscope

Meiji Techno Macroscopes - MS-40D & MS-50DR

Wild M5 Stereo Microscope

Wild M21 Polarising Microscope

Meiji Techno MS-50DR - Setup for small foraminifera March 2021

Videocamera with single microscope objective mounted on a microscope stand

Microscope Z-Stage automation with Arduino

Ultra-thin radial illuminator for low working distances

A multipurpose cheap dimmable illuminator for microsopes (Wild M21 Polarising Microscope)