American Aircraft Fan Club 1945-1955 Collection - The Collection online (with links to the photos)

Arts & Crafts

Graphics - some graphic and pictorial creations

Meyers Konversations-Lexicon - selected illustrations

Pharmacy - Ciucalcio, print your own box (Italian text only)

Pharmacy - Somarene, print your own box (Italian text only)


Standards: The Brizio-Petovich Scale (Italian text only)

The Fly (A Fly Harasses Dr. K)


What is Bioacoustics? A 25 minutes interview with Cesare Brizio (Italian language, from the TV show "Detto tra noi" on TRC television)

Audiosphere 3.0 - my Prezi "Bioacoustics for the masses" slides (Italian captions)

Audiosphere 3.0 - Description of my Prezi "Bioacoustics for the masses" slides (Italian text only)

Bioacoustics Google Map

Bioacoustics Home Page

My first Bioacustics paper on the Biodiversity Journal (Ultramic applied to Orthopteran bioacoustics)

My second Bioacoustic paper on the Biodiversity Journal (Ultramic applied to Cicadomorphan bioacoustics)

My third Bioacoustic paper on the Journal of the Natural History Museum of Ferrara (Ultramic applied to Nightingale songs)

My fourth Bioacoustic paper on the Biodiversity Journal (Bioacoustic evidence of two uncommon crickets from Sardinia)

Ultramic - The Pain and the Gain (a poster by me and Filippo Maria Buzzetti about ultrasound recording, presented at the workshop "Orthopteroid Insects: Biodiversity and Ecology evolution in a changing environment" at the Museo Civico of Rovereto on October 20, 2018)

BLOG - Bioacoustics (Italian text only)

Cesare Brizio

Cesare Brizio (CV)

Rev. Cesare Brizio - Pastafarianism

Sua Eccellenza il Balivo (Italian text only)

Where do I live?

Work - my retirement slides


Bicycle Assisted Decay: my first 50 years on two wheels

Cronanguilla 2014

My Bicycles

Rockville 2015

Electronics & Automation

Arduino breadboard prototypes and software sketches

Four-bit binary adder with Hex and bin display, breadboard prototype  (a)

Breadboard prototypes, nine experiments for my nephew Lorenzo (Italian text only, with clear illustrations)


F3 - Foraminiferans From Fluminimaggiore


Geology (My Dissertation - Italian text only)

Micropaleontology (My Second Dissertation - Italian text only)


Hoplokyklodromìa (Official Website - Italian text only)

HPMC4 - Hand Push Model Car Chalk Circuits Championship

HPMC4 - Hand Push Model Car Chalk Circuits Championship - Rules (Italian text only)


"Humine", my 2005 proposal for a technological alternative to mines (Italian text only)

"Hybris,Ate, Nemesis: l'albero dell'Urvögel" (Italian text only)

"Le Scritte di Bologna" - Delirio Urbano nei primi Anni Ottanta (Italian text only)

"Operation Broken Chestnut" (Italian text only)

"Operation Broken Chestnut" in a single PDF file

Sasquatch - italian translations of cryptozoological articles


Softball: Big Apple Softball Club

Gruppo Modenese Scienze Naturali - GMSN

World Biodiversity Association


Cesare Brizio + Johnny Spec & the Goggles on Soundcloud

Johnny Spec & the Goggles

Virtual Sound Rotogrid (Italian text only, with audio file)

Old Website

Home Page, classic branch & leaves version

Home Page, "kill marks" version


Dark background for studio macrophotography

Deep zoom on selected macrophotographies

Diffused light for small, shiny subjects

Some photos of mine on Fieldguide - The field guide for everything.

Gallery of dark background macrophotographies

LED strip illuminator for diffused light

Macrophotography (Arthropoda)

Macrophotography (Arthropoda) - Thumbnail pages

Macrophotography (Arthropoda) - my few Entomological Boxes (Cicadas, Lantern Bugs and relatives, a Butterfly, a big Acridid)


Photomicrography - Polarized & Trasmitted Light

Quick, massive (≈ 1000 items), manual digital photography of a small (≈ 1÷10cm) specimens collection by a professional digital video camera (DeltaPix Invenio 8DII)

Selected insects pictures taken in diffused light


"Variations on a popular theme" (Italian and English description, the Variations are in Italian).

An English explanation To Guinness World Records about "Variations on a popular theme"

The Facebook Group "Variations on a popular theme" (typically, posts are in Italian)

Programming (see also Electronics & Automation for Arduino sketches)

Biosequence alignment (code samples, Italian text explanations)  (b)

Graphics programming with (does not work on Chrome browser, NPAPI is not supported anymore)

Neural network (code sample, explanations in Italian)  (b)

VDBIOCOL - my software (1999) for the management of zoological and paleontological collections (Italian User Manual)  (b)


All the Oliva shell in my collection: photographs and accompanying data

Checklist: my quest for all the Oliva species and subspecies in the world  

How I built my own Olivarium

Padding the small cells of the Olivarium

Seashells - small collections (Phasianellidae, Neritidae, Columbellidae)

What's inside my Olivarium

Certificato agonistico 2018

(a) I was inspired by what I read at but the original link is currently broken. Here you may find the pdf file originally available (Italian text only)
(b) MS-Access was chosen because it's a self-contained DBMS and interpreter, well suited for didactical use.